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With time, advanced technology introducing. The development cannot stop. Everything becomes advanced with time. In the same way, new online games develop in a daily manner. This trend never stops. Different kinds of card games and action games are available on the internet. These online provide less expensive entertainment with the variation. People like to play online games as compares to others.

The popularity of online games can never decrease. The industry grows successfully. It grows fast. No one stops them. The future of the online gaming industry is bright. People prefer online games. It provides great indoor entertainment. Variation makes the industry more prominent.

If you also like to play games on the internet. This amazing article helps to aware of many aspects. In the above article, I will try to aware the reader of Shoujo City 3D Mod APK. The game is completely different from the old ones.

What is Shoujo City APK?

A large number of youngsters and teenagers prefer the Shoujia City Mod APK. In the game, the player gets starts with an open new world. Start dating the girl character. They will interact with each other. By playing this game, players get the experience of real-life dating. Players meet the girl character at different places. In this manner, they will try to explore and deepen the relationship. Taking care of her and making an excellent impression is the basic structure of the game.

Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money
Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money

In short, it is an anime dating game. The game produces a combination of images and novel gameplay. The user only needs to download the game according to the instructions. After installation users can enjoy the love story.

More about the game

The game Shoujo city is developed by Shoujo city, the most popular city in Tokyo. The graphics are extremely amazing and attractive. It structure of the game shows Japanese culture. At the start, the player transforms into a cute anime girl. The anime girl has her girlfriend. Touching the joysticks button to move. The player also interacts with other things by using joysticks. A number of buttons are available to perform the action. The game overall provides a complete experience of dating. It enhances the features of dating also.

What is Shoujo City Mod APK?

This is a two-dimensional cartoon-style animated game. This is also a simulation game. It adopts 3d technology. Shoujo City Mod APK not only adopts the technology but adopts the painting scenarios, and plots. Players get to access clothes for virtual girlfriends. The game is place in that manner, focus or representing the otaku culture. In this game, the user gets their girlfriend. And along with this get the opportunity to explore the whole city. The user explores the city during dating a virtual girlfriend. The majority shows interest to play the premium part. By downloading a mod version of the game the player also gets unlimited money. All paid becomes unpaid in a mod version of the game.

Why do people like to play Shoujo City Mod APK?

Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Unlocked
Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Unlocked

Many people have a dream to explore the city. Now, the Shoujo City Mod APK allows the user to explore the city during dating. Walking around the city with an anime girlfriend sounds great. That is why people like to play this amazing Shoujo City Mod APK. A genuine open and wide world continuously gives expanding constantly. The people get much relaxation and enjoy the everyday moment.

Feature of Shoujo City Mod APK

New items

New items are present for entertainment for users. Users get enjoyment by playing Shoujo City Mod APK. Many new items and food stalls are available. Players get enjoyment and also get entertainment. The new and interesting items make the game world worth it.

Experience big city

The game provides a great experience of the big city. The world becomes open and vast and players get a great experience. The player will enter the new great world and get more fun. Visiting a big city is another great opportunity.

Female character

The first thing is the creation of a female character. The character is free for customization. All elements are free. The date with the girl provides a great experience. Also, after creating a girl character, in this way you find the hobbies of girls. This is such a great experience. When the user is going on date. He or she needs to know everything about the places where the user takes the girl.  The opportunity to choose a favorite place and food is available through the game.

Many interesting activities

The game stands on a normal lifestyle. It makes the game unique from the others. There is a lot of huge variety of activities available in-game. These activities help to improve the mind and health. Many characters relate to school age. It is the most beautiful age of life. So, as a student the player get participation in many activities.


Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Unlocked
Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Unlocked

Shoujo City 3D has great beautiful graphics. The characters are superb and cute. The lavish city enhances the appearance of the game. So, it seems great and attractive. Shape and bright graphics provide great effects. Graphics plays an important role. Adorable and interesting graphics turn the player’s interest.

Some other features


Cooking is the best way to win the heart of a girlfriend. Wonderful recipes influence a great impact on the girlfriend.


By using this feature the user will dress up the character. Different clothes and accessories are available for this purpose.

Unique girls

Unique girls are available for every player. The player gets an opportunity to choose according to their likes and dislikes.

Mod features of Shoujo City Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Players get unlimited money in the mod version of Shoujo city. This is a helpful feature. This amazing feature plays an important role in the progress of the overall performance of users.

Unlimited coins

Unlimited coins also offer by the Shoujo City mod APK version. This provides additional benefits to the user. Users use unlimited money and coins according to the requirement without any hesitation.

Unlock the map

Unlock mapping feature provides benefits to users. In this manner, players know everything about any area of the city by using this feature. The user did not need to pay anything for this purpose.

Not thirsty

Not thirsty is the unique feature of the game. This unique feature provides great benefits to the user.

Not hungry

Not hungry I another unique feature of this game. It provides another great benefit. That kind of feature grabs the attention. Along with grabbing that kind of feature also turns the traffic to the game.

Add money

The addition of money and unlimited money, both are different. The game Shoujo city Mod APK provides add money feature along with unlimited money. This is such a great thing for the users. It develops interest and supports the game in many ways.

Add stamina

Stamina enhances the structure of the game. Add stamina is a feature of the mod version that provides a lot of advantages and benefits. It plays an important role in the game.

Premium cards

Premium cards also provide by the Shoujo City Mod APK. Premium cards work in an efficient manner all over the game.

Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Free Purchase
Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Free Purchase


Shoujo City Mod APK is a great option for date-lover players. All things which relates to dating are available. Amazing, adorable, and beneficial features provide great support to the game. So, if you want to experience dating. Go to download Shoujo City Mod APK. Enjoy dating with unique girl.


Can I play baseball in Shoujo City Mod APK?

Yes, you can play baseball in a gym storage room.

Is the game secure for children?

No, this dating game is not secure for children. It is perfect for adults and teenagers.

Why should I use the mod version.

The features of the mod version are great. Unlimited money and coins also help to get more fun. So, choose the mod version for playing and get more enjoyment.

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